St Cuthbert’s Way Route Map

Take in some of the most scenic views of the Borders country landscape when you undertake the St Cuthbert’s Way. We’ve created a Route Map that covers the route using Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale mapping, providing you with a map which uses OS’s classically detailed and easy-to-use walking mapping.

Traditionally the Route starts in the picturesque Scottish borders town of Melrose and continues along it’s 100km (62.5 mile) route to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland Coast. The route is inspired by the life of St Cuthbert, a monk and bishop in the 7th Century, who lived and worked between Melrose and Lindisfarne. The route is littered with a great wealth of other historical sites and places of interest, as well as some beautiful scenery and landscapes. Truly there is something for everyone along the route.

Our Route Map can be supplied as a folded version for on-trail use, or as a flat edition for display on a wall in your home or at work, and is a great display piece for local businesses along the route.

You can purchase a map from our site at the link below:

St Cuthberts Way Route Map

£6.50 - £35.00


The St Cuthbert’s Way map is an essential aid for anyone planning and undertaking the popular Borders route. The UK Map Centre has created a unique map-sheet which captures the area using up-to-date Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale mapping. The route is highlighted for easy navigation, and in common with all 50k scale mapping, other popular footpaths are marked alongside roads, towns and local tourist attractions. This route map covers the whole 100km (62.5 mile) route on one sheet.
The map can be supplied flat in various paper finishes or folded for on-the-trail active use.

  • St Cuthbert’s Way Route Map
  • 1:50,000 Scale Ordnance Survey Mapping
  • Route Highlighted for easy navigation
  • Map Size: 144cm x 50cm – 18cm x 12.5cm Folded
  • Folded on-the-trail versions or Flat version with different paper options for display available
  • Free Poster Tube with flat maps
Paper Finish

Additionally if you are looking for a custom map for your local favourite route, please take a look at our custom leisure map pages here:

Or you can contact us about making a custom map with a route added here:

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Additional Postcode Sector Maps

Map Detail

We’ve got a long list of Postcode Sector Maps – all (or nearly all) of the cities in the UK have their own dedicated map, you can see the list here:

What other towns or cities would you like to see mapped out on one of our Postcode City Sector Maps?

To keep continuity with the rest of the series the frame size would be the same as the rest of the range – 120cm x 84cm (landscape), also using the same District Mapping scaled to 1:25,000 overlaid with the Postcode Sector Data, giving a really clear and functional map for local planning, business use or

Let us know in the comments section and we’ll measure up and check out your requests.

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Compact Wales Map – Relief map with Transport Links

Compact Wales Map

£10.00 - £25.00


The all new Compact Wall Map of Wales is a compact A1 size map of the country. The 1:400,000 scaled OS miniscale mapping makes for a clear and clean map while the different versions can clearly show the main communication networks, terrain detail, travel map data, postcode boundaries, or the administrative counties.

Each version of the map is available in two styles, colour or greyscale, and is also available in a number of paper finishes.


  • 1:400,000 scale map of Wales
  • Map Size: A1 Portrait (594 x 841mm)
  • Created from Ordnance Survey Relief Miniscale
  • Includes Key for map symbols
Map Style
Paper Finish

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