Full UK Postcode District Map Set

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Product Description

The Full UK Postcode District Map Set is a collection of all 8 UK Map Centre Postcode District maps at a special price – all 8 for the price of 7. Using Ordnance Survey mapping data at 1:250,000 scale to provide a clear and easy to use Postcode Map and is ideal for everything from office planning to warehouse despatch.

This map is available in two styles, colour or greyscale, and is also available in a number of paper finishes as well as a folded version for use on the road.

  • Series of 8 maps at 1:250000 scale
  • Postcode districts split the postcode areas into smaller sections; e.g. Postcode HP23 denotes District 23 of the Hemel Hempstead Postcode Area
  • Each map size 1400mm x 1000mm
  • All the maps fit together (with some overlap) to create a huge map roughly 3m x 4m

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