Flat Landranger® Style Maps – Scotland – 1:50,000 Scale

£10.00 - £35.00


Paper Finish

Product Description

The OS Landranger® map Series is a classic piece of British Outdoor kit – ready folded for a day on the hill. At UK Wall Maps we want to bring that iconic mapping to a format suitable for your home or business walls and have created a Flat Landranger® Style map series for the Scotland to do just that.

Each map uses the same centre-point as the OS produced folded versions, uses the exact same up-to-date 1:50,000 scale mapping, and we’ve created a wall-friendly setting around the map.

These Landranger® Style Wall maps are ideal for getting your favourite walking area on a wall in your home, making a planning board for a holiday you’re planning or a gift for someone who likes maps.

We can produce the maps with different paper finishes to suit different requirements.

If you can’t find a map to suit your requirements, why not request a custom map by completing our online form >Click Here<. One of our experienced Cartography team will be happy to email you samples and prices for a map of any size you require! 

Or to plot your own Bespoke OS Leisure map > Click Here

Each map:

  • covers 41.5km x 41km
  • has a map key, north arrow, scale bar and grid coordinates
  • is printed using the latest Ordnance Survey mapping


Map Size:

  • Wall map: 98cm x 86cm
  • Folded map: 12cm x 21cm

Simply scroll down the list below, choose your area, a paper type and add to basket.


Area supplied will be 1:50000 scale of the area highlighted by the blue shading.



  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Width: 98 cm
  • Height: 86 cm

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