UK Parliamentary Map – General Election Results 2019

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Map Style
Flat Paper Finish

Product Description

UK Parliamentary Map – December 2019 General Election Results

This map shows the Westminster Electoral Boundaries as of 2015, overlayed on Ordnance Survey Miniscale Mapping the finished product will look good on the office wall and is also highly functional.

This map is available in two colour versions, a ‘blank’ version on which the parliamentary boundaries are noted but not coloured; and a ‘coloured’ version where the constituancies have been coloured according to the General Election results of December 2019.

  • Utilises Ordnance Survey Miniscale Mapping for accuracy and clarity
  • All 650 UK Parliamentary Constituencies with names & clear boundaries
  • Map Size: 1060mm x 1570mm (Portrait)
  • Includes insets for Orkey and Shetland Isles as well as for Greater London, West Midlands, Greater Manchester
  • Key for numbered constituencies where names will obscure mapping

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